The story


It is a funny contemporary American comedy.

The events take place in New York where four pairs of spouses: Ken and Chris Gorman, Leonard (Lenny) Ganz and his wife Claire, the psychologist Ernie and his eccentric wife Cocca, the cousin Glenn, a politician running for the State Senate and his wife Cassie, are invited to celebrate the wedding anniversary of the deputy Mayor of the city, Charlie Brock. When the first pair (Ken and Chris) arrives to his house, they find him on the ground, wounded in the ear. His wife Myra and the butler are missing. When the second pair comes (Lenny and Claire), the friends do not let know what had happened, because the Mayor could lose his job.

When the other guests arrive, the lies are more and more.

Ken and Chris exchange rumors that they have heard about Charlie and Myra, both convinced that one of them had an affair, so Charlie attempted suicide or Myra shot him. Lenny and Claire suppose that something was wrong, but they accept this version and they convince all the other guests that the situation is normal. So together, they prepare the dinner while Ken accidentally fires the gun and he becomes almost deaf.

The party becomes chaotic, because rumors and lies about the pairs of spouses increase.

By the way, at the end of the first act all the guests know that Ken and Chris’s version was a lie: the truth is not clear.

Charlie is not able to explain what had happened and in that moment, the police arrives. To defend Charlie’s reputation the guests cannot explain Ken and Chris’s version and they try to minimize what had happened, but the police wants to understand this case better. So Lenny pretends to be Charlie and he invents all the facts: he tells that he was in his bedroom with his wife after some drinks, when a young man appears the door. He speaks Spanish and they do not understand that he is asking for the dinner, because he is cook’s soon, but they don’t recognize him. They are afraid, so Lenny/Charlie takes his gun. He accidentally shoots and he hits his ear. The young man get away while the guests arrive. Myra goes to the cellar to take a dress, Lenny/Charlie do not know it and he close the door. He takes four Valium instead Aspirina and he faints bloodstained. This fake story reconstructs the first scene.

The police believes him and leaves the house.

Ernie phones Charlie to have an explanation about the facts, but in meantime, a voice arrives from the cellar: it is Charlie’s wife. Is the Lenny’s story the truth?!