My experience in Rumors


In March 2015, I had the opportunity to prepare and perform as an actor in a version of this play for the theatre company PER ASPERA AD ASTRA in Milano. This group was looking for new, young actors, so I met it during the casting.

I starred as the cop Sam Pudney, a really special and funny character. He is happy and proud to be a police officer, but he is careless and silly.

He is a police academy student, challenged to solve the case described in the play,

“breathing down his boss’s back“ all the time. His boss, however, always reproaches him

because he doesn’t learn anything. Sam thinks to be good and serious, but he doesn’t realize that he doesn’t solve anything.

With the director’s help and patience, I made my character.

It was very funny and enjoyable to stage this character, although it was very hard and it took a long time: the group used to rehearse for months.

I felt that it was the same for all the other actors: we enjoyed a lot while we were playing, even if it was quite difficult to play the different roles.

The author is a true master of laughter, as well as being one of the most popular and prolific writer of plays.

The play is a farce, where the attempts, by the means of lies, gossip (“rumors”), of people from the upper class of New York to avoid scandals and lose economic and social privileges are represented.

This opportunity also helped me to improve my ability, with the help and patience of my fellow actors, due to their greater experience.

Now we are on tour in different theatres of Lombardia.